TIRA RBS System Software

It has four core components that collect, process, analyse, and store supervisory data. They are TIRA RBS Portal, TIRA RBS Supervision CentreRegulatory Intelligence (analysis tool) and Repository.


TIRA RBS Portal enables regulated companies (insurers and brokers) to submit all required regulatory data online; from financial returns to statistical surveys, through to applications for registration and licensing. The portal effectively automates the perpetual challenge of data collection as it provides seventeen (17) distinct levels of submission validation and feasibility assessment, leading to unparalleled data quality.

>>Users of TIRA RBS Portal

Main users of TIRA RBS portal are insurers, brokers and all other registrants in the insurance industry that are registered and regulated by the Tanzania Insurance Regulatory Authority.  Each of the mentioned registrant appoint one person whose job is to use the portal in accordance with the training given, user credentials and the rights and permissions assigned to him by TIRA RBS Administrator. Through the sub link to TIRA RBS Portal found on RBSS link, the user can access the company’s account.

>>How TIRA RBS Portal is used

The regulated insurance companies, brokers and other registrants use TIRA RBS portal to perform the following activities online:

  • Apply for registration and renewal of insurance business license;
  • Submission or reporting of quarterly, semi and annual financial returns;
  • Corporate notification of change to corporate structure (Add Director, Add Shareholder, Principal etc.);
  • Annual renewal of professional indemnity insurance; and
  • Ad-Hoc applications for foreign reinsurance dispensation.

TIRA RBS Supervision Centre

TIRA RBS Supervision Centre allows TIRA to plan, delegate, track and analyse the entire supervisory process with ease. Core supervisory processes such as Financial Return Submissions, Application Authorizations, Return Analysis and On-Site Inspections are handled and executed at the touch of a button, effectively automating previously arduous and thankless tasks.

>>Users of TIRA RBS Supervision Centre

The main user of TIRA RBS Supervision Centre is the Authority through its supervisory analysts, insurance officers and other officers in accordance with the training given, user credentials and the rights and permissions assigned to them by TIRA RBS Administrator.

>>How TIRA RBS Supervision Centre is used

The Authority uses TIRA RBS Supervision Centre to perform the following activities online:

  • Schedule and track online data collection activities for the industry;
  • Review and approve all data submitted by the industry online;
  • Perform detailed analysis on data submitted by the industry online;
  • Publish selected reports back to the industry through the system (e.g. market aggregates);
  • Schedule on-site inspections to be performed by TIRA staff; and
  • Take a risk-based approach to supervision, with automated risk profiling of regulated entities.

TIRA RBS Repository

TIRA RBS Repository safely and securely stores all data related to regulated institutions. The Repository records all institutional profile information, data collected from regulated institutions and analytical data generated by the regulator. A complete system-wide audit trail is also maintained. Its is fully searchable giving you access to an unparalleled amount of regulatory and supervisory information, all in one place.